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Sixty-five years after the U.N. General Assembly signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we continue to witness the sale of human beings and the degradation of women's bodies and minds. THE PRICE of SEX gives you a sense of what trafficking does to women.

Now, we would like to hear from you: your reactions to the film and your solutions.  We hope a global conversation will begin and to assist it, the director of THE PRICE OF SEX and her team will respond in real time to your questions and solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: React
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about the film
i dont have courage to see the whole documentary i just read the article and saw the trailer. and i ashamed to be a watcher i ashamed to be a human and ashamed to be a part of this world some of us are beasts and heartless when treated females as a flesh i am sorry for cannot do anything to stop it
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My reaction to your film
Hello i hafe seen your whole movie it is it is heartbreaking what i've hafe see when i think about it what happens with this all of these poor womans i feel their fear and pain in my body whether it be my sisters and my blood why i say this because this film touched so deeply my soul when watching and i hear their stories it makes me so angry and i feel total powerless the menn who rape and abuse these women they are no menn there are no humans they are the filth of this world i have no other words for animals have more manners i asked so many times p.l.s.god help these womens this must stop on this world why this hapens but god does not respond to my question how must i believe in a god if nothing happened i'm disappointed god does not exist i think or is it the evolution theory then it's gone very wrong with the evolution of the human race my opinion it is mind blowing i do not know what is true what i do know that money is the devil on this word that is for sure people do everything for a piece of iron and a piece of paper with ink whole beautiful young womans lives are being destroyed fore it i know it's a very big problem worldwide i can say and hope that it must stop but it does not stop that's the reality it goes on and on day after day woman after women rape after rape when it stops and how and how it stops where is the end of this terrible story what should i say more i would like to stop this and i think much more pepole but how how what can we do to stop this hell for these women.. sorry for my bad english.
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Hello Congratulations to amazing documentary. I have not seen the film but the little I've seen is very touching. I'd like to make some donations, but I don't want to send cheques in the post. I don't have chewue books anymore. There must be an easier way to donate such as Paypal or credit car payment. Secondly I'd like to see the film. Where can I rent/buy/download please. Many Thanks Vanessa
Faces of Human Trafficking
To fully understand what those precious women, being trafficked and deceived, are forced to endure and go through in a daily basis, it's impossible for someone like me to identify, yet, when I look at their faces, when I hear their voices, when I see where they come from, I find myself thinking,"It could be me. I could be this woman." When the fact hit me, I realized I'm not so different from them, apart from being the lucky one to be born and raised in a wealthy Western country. When I realized that, in the end, we all share the same kind of understanding and experience of what it's like to feel pain, shame and hurt, though I can't even start to comprehend the depth of those feelings in their part, it changed my perspective and the mindset I had concerning this issue. And all of a sudden, this phenomenon that once had been just numbers and figures in my eyes, had turned out to be a very real and intense, nearly an obsessive matter to me. Suddenly this phenomenon has a face, and not just one, but hundreds, even thousands, of faces. It's heart-breaking, yet so powerful. When I see those faces, it harshly reveals the state of my heart. No longer can I hide behind the statistics. Now that I've come to see that it's all about human lifes - about the stories of another human beings with hopes and dreams - I can't turn my eyes off and ignore them anymore. No way is that possible. Thanks to Vika, Jenea, Olesea and the other brave ones featured in the film, they made me to realize that I need to become the part of a solution. Now I have a goal and a purpose for my life; I want to become the voice for these women and girls. I want to learn to understand more about their stories, their experiences, their pain etc. and seek ways to help these women get educated, equipped, and empowered so that they will be able to stand up for themselves and live independently. And most of all, live free. This documentary is the one I've talked about and shown to many people and I will keep spreading awareness about human trafficking through it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May God bless you, Mimi!
Re: Faces of Human Trafficking
It's emails like yours that give me hope and strength to keep doing my work. Thank you for your kind and loving words.
frustration and human nature
I am very young and do yet know of the world so much, but from what I've seen heard and understood I'll like to say these words. The main reason for human prostitution be it of females or boys stems from the really basic reason of demand and fear. Now demand is something we cannot eradicate even if we tried our level best too because it arises from the raw animalistic part of our human behavior, much in tandem with Freud's theories. But fear is something that we can abolish even if by a little. fear is(in my opinion) in this case twofold. one is in the minds of these unfortunately damned women, fear to escape because of the difficulties of documents and the corruption in the legal affairs of the country, fear of living their lives n poverty and shame even if they do escape. the other lies in our hearts. even if we know something unlawful s going on majority would refrain from doing anything out of fear from backlashes from organised crime units or in certain cases the non-availability of legal aid. in this scenario most who do want do something lose their guts due to lack of support. Though in these few observations I try to discern the cause, I do not find a comprehensive solution. Yet the faces of the damned compel the people to think. but a person is smart, decisive, people on the other other hand are panicky. so in this light, is there really a solution to this?
Re: frustration and human nature
Thank you for your thoughts. I encourage you to read some of the press articles posted on this page (left side) to find out more about viable solutions.
I am terribly saddened by what I have just watched. The biggest problem lies in the fact that these people are de-humanized by the community as though they choose to do this or they have no families, friends or dreams. People blame the victim, because it is easier. But they don't have the guts to confront the agressor. As a Turkish man, I am ashamed to be hearing those stories. How can a human lower themself this much to take advantage of such girls? I sometimes see prostitutes in the streets here but they are generally transgenders or transvestites who are not solicited by another person as far as I am concerned. You never see foreign prostitutes in the streets, I realized it now but I never thought they would be forced to live in such conditions, locked-up with no light and basic needs. I am heart-broken. Thank you for bringing this to light, Chakarova, and I hope it raises more awareness around the world. Your work is praiseworthy.
Re: De-humanizing
Thank you for writing such a thoughtful post and sharing your reaction with us.
This has been one of the things that mostly interests me in the crime field. I wish to one day work for the federal government and I hope this specific topic is the one I choose. This subject disgusts me every time I hear it even mention. I don't understand how people have the heart to do something of this magnitude.
We are human
We are all humans, we should not act like animals, What i saw in video is more than an animal could do. Its my humble request kindly live and let live others. help each other like good colleague. no one has right to snatch someones liberty. Be a man and live like a man. Regards
The Price....
A beautiful film. Throwing snowballs at the fires of hell. But when snow is all you have, sometimes... the gesture does not go un-noticed. Thank you for this work. Without buyers, there can be no sellers. But how do we change the hearts and minds of these consumers? For that is what we must do. My heart and mind is an easy piece of work... but as long as humans become commodities, the harder work is endless. So your snowballs sizzle - like the sound of good food to the starving. The nutrition sinks the soul. And the sound of the singing - like a life-blow. The last thing noticed? The pain. Of course. It is easy to find the just watch. To just listen. A small thing. Next to these endurances, it hardly marks the radar. Too often, good women do everything, while good men do nothing. But this is why the cameras roll.
Re: The Price....
I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. And I've seen good men do much good; I've also seen women sell their own. Unfortunately, greed and cruelty are not gender specific. Thank you for watching the film and for taking the time to write.
Seeing this makes my heart stop knowing that people that are supposed to be 'civilized' or a law enforcement officer somehow sleep at night. The total delusional egocentric experience of these men is sickening, and by God I hope that somehow these images of them will get back to them. They need confrontation. They need to feel the damage they do. They need to feel that as a human they have failed because they failed to recognize those girls as more than a piece of meat. God I hope that they will feel ashamed for the rest of their lives, I hope that they cannot sleep, that they are chased by nightmares from the dark cave of their soul. Seeing this makes it hard not to hate people, no matter how bad I wish I wouldn't.
Thank you, I have just been searching for information approximately this subject for ages and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain in regards to the supply? bbeacfdefeed
Your Documentary & My Reaction
I found this documentary to be very moving and truthful, without the usual "drama" often put into films. An excellent project that provokes thought. I am an immigrant to the USA and feel very blessed to have not come from one of those (third world) countries. I have a home and could easily sponsor one of those 12 year olds (adopt?) so they could continue their education in the USA, perhaps go to college and be able to have choices in their life (to go home, empowered) (or not). I am sure there are many other persons in many countries who could open their homes and hearts to help even one other person from such an almost certain fate, considering their village circumstances and the predators who feed off of their living conditions in the villages. I know this is different than donating "money" to a foundation or to the documentary efforts (a needed thing as well) but, if you are interested in looking into this avenue, I am sure there are Law Enforcement (in USA, UK, etc.), Legal (Lawyer/Advocate), etc. who would support such efforts in "other" countries (such as the USA, UK, etc.) where these young girls would have a chance at "live" and choices. It would be important to get these girls out before they think this is the only way "out" and before they "trust" these traffickers. I am willing to volunteer my time for such an effort and sponsor or adopt such a young lady, if necessary. If you are interested in setting something like this up, please contact me. We often don't realize that, "there for the grace of God go I", simply by where we are born, who/what our parents are, and the circumstances in life. It does not "fix" the system, but would save some lifes. My best to all of you who are involved in this project. Irma Forensic Nurse Examiner USA
Prostitution should be legal BUT!
The Director of Twelve Years A Slave; stated that it's not a historical piece the concept of Slave Trafficking and this very special documentary more than points this out!
.. changing our thinking
The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~ Albert Einstein Our 'civilization' has evolved and arrived at what is now a very disturbing place. As ever growing numbers severely suffer, those with power and in control seem to care less and less. Will we be able to alter in time this disastrous course we're setting.. right now the ultimate outcome is terrifyingly suspect.
Re: .. changing our thinking
I think we could. I am counting on our youth and doing everything in my power to give them the right tools.
I run an Amnesty International group at my school in Yorkshire in England, and today, after previously watching this documentary several times I showed my fellow students, and we all came to a unanimous decision - that this is one of the most powerful documentaries we have ever seen. I can't thank you enough for making this and shedding light on such an important and horrific issue. I could not get over the sheer bravery of these women and the traumas that they have endured. We are so sheltered from the destitute and poverty these women come from and the risks they'd take just so they can eat. Young girls, the same age or a little older then us, being made to go through such a traumatic experience - this touched a nerve with everyone in the group that watched this today. There is little known about the hellish world of the sex trafficking industry and you have shed light on it - I really hope women and men around the world can watch this and understand the horrors these girls are forced to go through. Corruption and lack of justice is hard to eradicate - but I strongly believe awareness will help, and your documentary provided such. Thank you.
Dear Ms. Jones: It's words like yours that inspire me to continue doing good work and to live a life of service. For that I am deeply grateful to you and your fellow students.
My heart was broken and my soul was disappeared.
Believe me, whenever I see those pictures, my eyes wept with pain for all those women who have suffered all those atrocities and all those who are prisoners of their captivity. We can not be free, democratic, civilized and human, while we are owners of trafficked women and men, in the name of our human insensitivity, causing greater pain, and innocence of the people in order to enslave one petty our neighbor. In the name of what? In whose name? Protect them! Release them! Signed by Fernando Mota Manhattan, New York City, USA.
It's epidemic
This is the tip of the iceberg, the most extreme, the most unfortunate. The sad fact is, examples of this continue and are accepted everyday in life, even in the US. It's not recognized as slavery, or the commerce is not the same. But the oppression remains the same, the sense of obligation remains the same, as does - - in some cases - - the hopelessness. My point is this : that until we as human beings reach the point where we are able to look at each other with gratitude and respect, and at ourselves with humility, extremes like human slavery will exist, and, at, the lesser end of the spectrum, bullying will continue. Our advertising habit of "sex sells" does no one any favors. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
Re: It's epidemic
Thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful response, Ms. Ninguem.
Hi, I'm trying to watch the film but your International distributor has no links for where we can buy or watch it!
Please contact Kristen Fitzpatrick at Women Make Movies and she would be able to assist your request: Thank you!
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Hi! Where can I watch the whole documentary online? I admire your work. If only everybody was as good as you, sex trafficking would not exist.
Please contact Kristen Fitzpatrick at Women Make Movies and she would be able to assist your request: Thank you!
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