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Sixty-five years after the U.N. General Assembly signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we continue to witness the sale of human beings and the degradation of women's bodies and minds. THE PRICE of SEX gives you a sense of what trafficking does to women.

Now, we would like to hear from you: your reactions to the film and your solutions.  We hope a global conversation will begin and to assist it, the director of THE PRICE OF SEX and her team will respond in real time to your questions and solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Educate our young men
The root of all in immoral hands. Not only should young women in all countries be educated about the dangers and reality of human slavery, but young men as well. As a divorced mother in America, I have two boys and I will do my part to make sure my sons never pay into the evil human sex industry. My oldest son understands the reality of pornography because I have talked to him and he knows that many of the women are either drugged, being forced, or mentally ill. When teens learn about the brutality and lack of freedom and exploitation of women and children, the lure of porn and prostitution diminishes. In the U.S.A., porn and stripping are rampant in movies, on I-phones, the internet, on billboards. Our teens see this and think it's something exciting that "adults" do. As a society we encourage our teens to go to college and secure high paying jobs. The party lifestyle is glorified in their college years with over indulgence in drinking/drugs/sex, and then many of these college grads get high paying jobs. Not all, but many of these men hire strippers/prostitutes here in the U.S., and many travel overseas and hire prostitutes. Parents buy their children electronics with internet access and don't monitor activity like they should. It's similar to the parents in the documentary who fail to keep in touch with their children who go abroad. Evil begins in the mind of the innocent and parents MUST protect, educate and stay involved in the lives of their grown children. American women also get tricked/lured into prostitution here in the U.S. As an American woman/business owner, I've chosen to fight against sex slavery. I appreciated your boxing scene because that's what it takes...a fight. Sometimes even starting an educational talk with a teen is a challenge. I was raped in college and it changed my life. I relate to the lady in the documentary who said she wished she hadn't been born, the beautiful lady who jumped out of the building. I'm thankful and pray every night that I can provide for my family in an honest profession and that I no longer feel depressed. I have been blessed and recovered from the pain, am fortunate enough to live in a free country and take care of my family. For me to ignore this topic would be a sin. Not all Americans are greedy self absorbed individuals. There are quite a few of us still left who care and have a real ability to help. I admire your work and your courage. You are a courageous person. The ladies who run the hotlines are warriors for justice and they should be blessed with support. Although there is no single solution, the fight is worth while. And let's educate the future pocket books to put their money into a worthy cause instead of in the hands of evil men and women who ruin the lives of the innocent.
Re: Educate our young men
I couldn't agree more with you. One of our main reasons for making the film was to target the stigma and silence surrounding violence committed against women. But another reason was to put this information in the hands of young people -- to educate them and open their eyes. You are doing this with your sons. And imagine if most households and schools did exactly that. Imagine if we taught our boys and girls that they are not a commodity; that they deserve to respect themselves and each other; that they should live in true brotherhood and sisterhood. Imagine if we didn't place so much importance on material items that deprive our youth from thinking critically and with vigor. I have the utmost respect for you sharing your story and your reaction to "The Price of Sex." When I read such intelligent and sincere words, I know that all the years of hard work were worth it. For that I am grateful to you.
a safe place
Hi my name is Sharon. I have seen several documentaries and read several books on child trafficking. It makes me sick. My husband and I have 3 beautiful daughters and four lovely granddaughters. I could not imagine them having to go through something like this. My heart goes out to all of these young ladies. I have long wanted to be involved some how. I have a ranch with a big house. If any of the young ladies need a place to feel safe and free I would love to offer my home. You are welcome to come and visit and check me and my husband out if necessary. Reintroduction into regular life must be difficult and I can offer my home for that. Please let me know if that is something that is of interest to you. You have my email address. Thank you for all that you do. Sharon
Re: a safe place
Dear Sharon, The fact that people like you exist in this world gives me courage and hope. Thank you for posting your reaction and offering your home as a safe place for trafficked women. As you can imagine, it is difficult for legal and immigration reasons to make that a reality but I sincerely encourage you to get involved in the state of California, which happens to have some of the highest numbers of trafficking within the U.S. It warms my heart to read your note and for that I THANK YOU!
wanting: to help
If I knew of a way to bring a lady with her children to my home in the United States I would give them a good family home and a new life. It is a shame there are so many evil people out there. If I had the money I would send for all of them girls and their family bring them to the United States of America help them find good jobs and start a brand new life.
Re: wanting: to help
Dear Raymond, Thank you for caring and for posting your note. There are many trafficked girls in the United States as well. Unfortunately, it's a human rights abuse on a global level and it will take serious and persistent effort to fight it. I do believe that every act of kindness helps us get closer to achieving that, so I dearly appreciate your note. – Mimi
Your film
Thank you for doing this important work, your voice and skills are so important. Stay safe.
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Re: Your film
Dear Jane Alsh, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.
This is really a wonderful site, could you be interested in making time for an interview concerning just how you developed it? If so e-mail me and my friends!
Online streaming?
Hi! First of all, thank you so much for making this documentary!! It is one of the absolutely most important issues of our time... I read a book by Kevin Bales a few years back that stated that the number of people defined as slaves is actually more than double the amount of people that was taken as slaves from Africa to America during the transatlantic slave trade (if I remember the numbers correctly; I may be mistaken, in which case I apologize). If I´m not mistaken, the number is something like 27 million people of modern slaves today. And 75% is sex slaves (again; if I remember correctly). This is an issue that really upsets me and that I want to learn more about. That´s why I was kind of disappointed when I couldn´t find a service to pay for online-streaming of the film. I live far up north in Norway, in a very small village, so I have no chance of catching the documentary cinemas in Oslo and Bergen. Any way to solve this? Thanks again for your courage! All the best of luck to you and your team, Marie B. , Norway
Re: Online streaming?
Thank you for your post. The film isn't streaming online but you can purchase a DVD from Women Make Movies -- (scroll down to DVD Sale.)
Re: Online streaming?
Hi there Mimi, You really need to get this available digitally please. You are loosing a hell of a lot of interested viewers and your target audience/market buy not having it digitally accessible. There are hundreds of people who would like to see this documentary but do not want to 'own it forever'. This is mainly because unless you are somehow involved in a relevant field (such as academics, health care etc etc) there is no need, want or desire to see this more than once, let alone own it on dvd forever.Yet they still do actively wish to see it and have actively tried to find it to do so... And I can very reliably inform you that by not releasing a digital/online pay or free copy, somehow, you have NOT managed to keep your hard work from being 'pirated' and made available online for download...all you have done is robbed yourself of further supporters, viewers and funds! Which seems kinda...well just be honest....!! Am happy to help you with/direct you towards how to/ways/people/places in getting it legitimately available online, and behind a pay-wall if you need. As both your subject matter and the technology fall within the bounds of my varied areas of detailed study. Just email me.
I just watched your documentary, and I wanted to contact you in any way possible. Human Trafficking and sex slavery of women and children has always been a passion for me to research and bring awareness to. I don't really know where it started. But in college I wrote my thesis on it and actually traveled to Thailand and witness some of these brothels first-hand. I saw what you saw on a much smaller scale in Pataya. I cried my eyes out the rest of the trip and prayed to have the ability to help in the future. I've since enrolled in law school and about close to obtaining my degree. I have always felt that at some point in my career, my mission would be to prosecute the individuals responsible for these heinous crimes. I hope you continue in your efforts, and one day, maybe our paths will cross. I hope to one day be able to meet you as well as your lawyer friend that battles this. Thank you for bringing this to light and helping inform the general population that this problem really exists.
Re: Passion
Thank you for your note and for your words of encouragement.
Heart breaking...
This documentary really touched me. I am a survivor of rape. I could not imagine what these girls face, and I am angry that it continues to be ignored by the US. We let this happen - and it needs to stop. No one deserves to be sold, traded, raped, etc. We must fight for these women. Thank you Mimi for doing this documentary.
Re: Heart breaking...
Thank you very much for your comment.
I am a survivor of sex trafficking.
I just wanted to congratulate you on making this horrific, yet sensitive film. I sincerely hope that it reaches millions of people. For they should understand and address this iniquitous scourge that infests every corner of the globe. I cried for these victims, I identified with their pain and indelible trauma. For I was tricked and abducted into sex trafficking when I was 16, in London 1977. They forced me into pornography and prostitution by threatening coercian. Which included incessant rape,beatings and threats with weapons, that included knives and a gun. I was lucky to escape. This horrendous ordeal almost destroyed my life. Now I am an artist who has painted my story of abuse and it's consequences. I have had my memoirs published and I blog on these issues. My art is utilised into teaching programmes for both health and police agencies to extend their knowledge base and introduce a more meaningful, visual perspective, as oppose to us being mere 'statistics' or 'victims'. I will post links of this documentary on my social pages. I applaud you for making this film and exposing the truth. Sincerely Suzzan.
Re: I am a survivor of sex trafficking.
Thank you for sharing your story, Suzzan. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I applaud you for finding a way out and for the courage it takes to stand up against one of the worst human rights violations in our time.
As a woman of Eastern European descent myself, the issues of human trafficking and sexual slavery have always been at the periphery of my consciousness. This is the first time that I ever actually hear women discuss their situation openly. There is such stigma associated with the entire issue, particularly in Eastern Europe where people are extremely socially conservative, that nobody ever speaks about it. One of my close friends moved to Dubai for work after graduation and she had a sad anecdote to share: in Dubai if you are of South-East Asian descent you are automatically assumed to be a housemaid and if you are of Eastern European descent, a sex worker. A different lady I know, who is of Ukrainian background, visited the Emirates for her job (she is an engineer) and had random men constantly inquire about her hourly rate. You make a good point by making a connection between the religiously enforced sexual abstinence and vilification of sex at the social level and the constant demand for sex workers. I need to think about what I can personally do to get involved. I feel almost complicit in these women's plight through my lack of action. Thank you for your work.
Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
Hi! i was wondering if the film has spanish subtitles in order to buy it. It's an excellent film and we want to show it. Thanks.
Thank you! I am not sure but I think it was shown on Spanish television. Please contact out distributor in Paris who will have the answer:
french and / or spanish translation
Would it be possible to have french (and also spanish) sub-titled version ? It would be used for frenchspeaking universities and college of Canada an France and Spain and people of latino cultures. We must make this reality be known and changed. Thanks, regards.
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after watching. the reality of it became real. i am more than willing to start making donations to the organizations that need it. and i found the list you have given of the places that need it. so thank you.. but do you stay in contact with the women you interviewed? i would be more than happy to make a donation to either of them through you if that was a possibility.. they need the world to show them their not better off dead.. i cant imagine their pain.. but if money can give them a little more breathing room and take some of the weight off their shoulders. then id be more than humble to help.. and noone think im trying to pay off their pain. the one lady said she was excited to get 1200 for 6 months.. i think what theyve endured calls for some recognition of their will to survive. either way thanks for opening my eyes to such a vicious entity. it will take everyone that travels to take part in ending this monster..
awesome doc.....
After I've seen this it just makes me more observant when i travel to many cities in the US There must be trafficking going on in united states as well....first chance i get i gather what can As evidence and report that chit to sad that this is going on especially In Dubai! Did u hear how that cop was talking to u....."they give very good blow Job"........Fu#cking idiots!!!! Sex Trafficking and bullying n schools is on my top vigilante list!!!!
Re: awesome doc.....
I once had a friend ask if I had ever been with a prostitute. When I said no he was surprised and acted like buying a woman was a badge of honor and made you more of a man. I was shocked. Any man who who participates is just as guilty as the recruiters and pimps. Where do I donate to have these sorry sonsofbitches shot in the head?
An intriguing communication is designer notice. I cogitate that you should make more on this subject, it might not be a preconception person but generally people are not sufficiency to verbalise on much topics. To the succeeding. Cheers like your La Prensa Popular? .Opini??n / Actualidad ? Divide y reinar??s.
The Price of Sex
Dear Mimi Chakarova, I just saw the film The Price of Sex on the documentary channel. I had heard about this situation in Eastern Europe but did not feel any connection with these girls. However you brought the tragedy and sadness right in front of my eyes. As a woman and a European I feel responsible and I will donate to Ana Revenco's organisation. I hope that your exposure has brought some change. By the way I would imagine that a criminal organisation like the Mafia has its grip on this since it is Money that motivates the proces. Please keep up the work you are doing and thank you Joyce Lashbrook
my reaction
I wept.
Re: my reaction
I understand why. Thank you for sharing your reaction.
sex trafficking and pornography
A person who doesn't personally use the services of a sex worker thinks that they are not part of the whole web of sex trafficking. But I would think that any person who consumes pornography is also contributing to this world wide problem. And the use of pornography is trivialized and joked about in this country, as if it weren't adding to this trail of human misery. This is just my opinion (and I didn't see all of your documentary) but I was wondering if you have found any correlation between human trafficking and the pornography industry?
Re: sex trafficking and pornography
Yes, you are absolutely correct. You should take a look at the work and extensive research of Robert Jensen at the University of Texas at Austin.
Just watched the price of sex
First : it was a great documentary and truly enjoyed it. Secondly my heart goes out to the girls / young ladies that were kidnapped/ lied to. I have a 22 year old daughter very beautiful young lady that since birth I have often thought about things like that . She and my son(25) are now in Argentina on a missions trip with their /our church family. I told and stressed on and on always be with 3/4 people wherever you go. I don't know how I can help you and your cause but keep up the good work. God Bless You and please be careful
Re: Just watched the price of sex
Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Cellum. They are much appreciated.
Writing a Film Analysis Paper about the "Price of Sex"
Dear Mimi Chakarova, Today I watched your documentary, and felt very connected. I am an international student from Turkey. I am doing my masters degree in Radio, TV and Film; minoring at Women's Studies at the University of North Texas. This semester, I am taking Women in Film course, and International Documentary course. Your documentary is really interesting and great, and will let my professors know about it. Maybe, you would like to visit our university to screen your documentary as well as giving a presentation about your experiences. We would be very happy in our both departments--RTVF and Women's Studies (also International Studies). On Monday, I would contact with my professor to write my term paper about your documentary. Then, let you know about what my professor think about the idea. At the end of the semester, I can also share my film analysis paper with you via email. Since I am a student, and financially still depending on my family, I would like to ask you how can I help you for your project? Thank you for your time and effort that you made a very good documentary to create awareness about women trafficking. May life always supports you, and opens new doors with success, Gulin Eva
Re: Writing a Film Analysis Paper about the "Price of Sex"
Dear Gulin Eva, Thank you for your message and yes, I would love to receive your film analysis. Please send it here: And the best way you can help the project is by exactly what you're doing -- letting others know about the film and your reaction to it. Wishing you all my best, Mimi
The Reality of Men's Minds
In view of the depravity of men since documented history, it is illogical to ever expect them to be cured in our forseeable future. However, what is in wonderfully forseeable 21st century is that due to technology it is possible that women could band together with lightning speed that would make the Arab Spring look like a revolution by pigeon-messaging. We as responsible women are the only force powerful enough as a collective group to dethrone these men who have been the cause of every war and guilty of approximately 99.999...% of all violence in history. Only when we are thoroughly disgusted enough to displace them for the health, safety, and well-being of our ourselves and our children, as well as displace them from further abuse of political power, can we begin to reduce the screams that must have reached the heavenly powers by now. They have certainly done this to themselves, and we women should weigh carefully any irrational notion that they will ever get better. This film shows that they could not get any worse. Only self-respecting women can bring the humanity needed for a humane world. We must join together to accomplish it; we must see them for the ugly reality that they are. I can personally testify that they are living pornography who defile women with every thought they think, but M. Chakarova has captured it thoroughly in her film with unimaginable courage. What the hell was 'God' thinking when he paired us together? Only 'God' knows the answer to this grave injustice.
Demand for girls
After watching this; & doing further research - how can this ever stop when there is a demand for girls in clubs/brothels worldwide? From what ive discovered - these clubs & girls are used & requested by the very rich/powerful people including senior government officials etc. How do you tackle a demand at that level?
Re: Demand for girls
You are absolutely right. We must tackle this in two ways and simultaneously -- by restructuring our understanding of accountability and by changing the mentality of demand. The latter will take much longer to achieve but when done in conjunction with law & justice, it's always more effective. If we call trafficking for what it really is -- systematic rape -- and the men who engage see it in its true light, we can reduce the numbers. But there is a third component -- social systems. We, as people and governments, must protect our most vulnerable. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that the majority of women and girls who are sold as slaves come from dire poverty, have no rights and ways for their families to find them.
Re: Demand for girls
Its a obviously not a quick fix & I dont think it will ever be completely stopped. Realistically do you think the situation will actually improve over the coming years? From what ive seen & read I get the impression that its like fighting a battle thats almost impossible to win. Very depressing. Like you said it will take a collective effort from numerous authorities/people - that wont be easy..
This film moved me. In Ecuador we are organizing a film festival STOP SEXUAL EXPLOITATION and we would like project this incredible documental film. How can we contact with you to achieve project this material in our film festival?.
Thank you very much for your note. Please contact Maelle Guenegues at
Thanks!!! We will contact with yours.
is there any dating sites affiliated with this type of trafficking
I'm on a dating site called dream marriage , and I just don't want to contribute any money to these bastards so do you know where I could get a list of dating sites that r free of these criminals. I think you are doing a great thing for these girls. Keep up the good work.
thiis movie turned me on
i immediately went and masturbated
Re: thiis movie turned me on
Maybe you'll get lucky, Amanda, and you'll get trafficked and fat, sweaty pigs can turn you on all day.
Wanting to help
I accidentally entered your site, watched some stories, and I must say, I want to vomit. Is there any possible way how can I help? I am graduated lawyer with specialization in criminal law.
Re: Wanting to help
Dear Mr. Neumann, I'm glad that you had the chance to watch these women's stories, even if by accident. Please click on "Get Involved" on the site. You can also get int touch with La Strada in Prague and see what type of help they can benefit from. I know they are battling corruption and complacency as many others are as well. Thank you for posting your note. My best, Mimi Chakarova
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